Sunday, November 26, 2006

Avast me Hearties

Angela and I set sail on Saturday afternoon aboard a 24' Canard with a couple of salty dawgs we'd met on the pier. A Canard is a wooden sailboat with no motor so we even pulled out of the San Francisco Yacht Club under sail which is a bit unnerving when there is nothing but expensive yachts on either side. We made it into the Bay without hitting anyone and enjoyed glorious winds as we sailed across to Belvedere Island and then tacked back under the Golden Gate Bridge and came in just before sunset for cold beers on the dock. Hopefully we'll go out again soon.

Monday, November 13, 2006

John gets a Job

It's amazing what 1 hour in Home Depot and a souped up resume will get you. Tomorrow I start framing a house somewhere in the middle of the city, Mission District actually, famed for it's burritos and drive-by shootings. Hopefully I can keep my tools from getting stolen, at least until I pay them off. Stay tuned, the next post will be filled with the visceral rants of a Bay Area Framer- Lord help me and keep my thumbs from smashing...

Mazzy gets a Haircut

Courtesy of Kate's Dog Grooming a few blocks down the road, Mazzy is now a much smaller and much less fuzzy dog. Observe the before and after. Of course she doesn't have the cute little chunks of fur missing like when I do it, but they did a pretty good job, and they were able to get all the fur out from between her toes which reportedly took most of the staff.

Pretty City

Well it poured down rain today, the kind where you have to jump off the curb to clear the mighty river that courses through the gutter. It was warm though, 57F I think, so not all that bad. The other day Angela and I went to Tiburon for a visit with some old Alaska friends and on the way home we pulled over to enjoy a classic SF lookout. Gorgeous. The super pointy building in the city is known as the "Dunce Cap" by some. No idea why.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Full Moon Rising

The view out the window tonight is stunning, I'm speechless...