Saturday, January 08, 2011

Time To Revoke Sarah Palin's Alaska Resident Status

This morning's sunrise was gorgeous and all of Fairbanks was lit up beautifully.  The Alaska Range was crystal clear in the distance and 4 inches of fresh powdery snow covers the trees from yesterday's storm.

Then I turned on the Interweb to find much murder and mayhem and not a lot of good things happening in Arizona right now.  Apparently a gunman tentatively identified as Jared Laughner opened fire on  Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and a number of people near to her.

Not so coincidentally Sarah Palin had this woman in her crosshairs.  Literally.  Now I have never been a big fan of this lady but when your rhetoric mirrors violent actions there is something wrong with you.  If I was boarding an airplane and said to the pilot, "Terrorists should do something about your level of service."  I can bet TSA and possibly the FBI would pull me off that sucker and I would be on NPR and CNN just before they shipped me off to GITMO.  
While I seriously doubt the half governess will face such justice I would like to propose that her Alaska residency be stripped.  This would not only send a nice message to the world that Alaskans don't tolerate raw hatred, it would also keep more caribou safe from her bad shooteriness.