Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Surfing the net

The temperatures have dropped below the smiling face of the zero on my thermometer the last few days and the flatlanders are seeing -30F and perhaps a -40F in a faraway tundra pit somewhere, but I live in the hills now and such discomfort is below me.  Literally.  The coldest we have seen here on Moose Mt. is about -20F.  I still chop wood in my flip flops in -20F.  Taint nuthin'.  But cold weather means more time inside for a lot of folks which means more internet and that's what I'm installing lately and business is picking up while my fingers are falling off.

I install for Hughesnet and Alasconnect as a private contractor and most of the time folks are pretty happy to see me.  They either have no internet and can't wait to finally return to civilization, or they have been worked over bad by the local big name providers and are tired of high prices and terrible service.  ACS seems to get the most four letter words, so thanks for the business lads.  Because I'm on the fringe of Fairbanks I do see my share of NO TRESPASSING signs, so far no shotguns.
Today I installed Hughesnet at a straw bale house off Cripple Creek Rd.  Gorgeous house, beautiful view and lots of chickadees to keep me company.  The owner invited me in for pork sandwiches and coffee at lunch time which was much appreciated.

Take care of your installer and he will take care of you.