Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lets Play Hockey!

On Thursday night Ang and I watched the San Jose Sharks take a bite out of the Detroit Redwings. (sorry Mark) We were secretly rooting for the Redwings but they were flat on their feet. I think they were intimidated by the fact that the other team skated out onto the ice through a giant sharks head with glowing red eyes. It was pretty freaking cool. The HP Pavilion is a great venue for hockey although it's creepy to think a company that builds printers is responsible for a gazillion tons of steel over my head.

South Lake Tahoe

I journeyed to South Lake Tahoe this past weekend to see what all the hubbub was about. Apparently "Tahoe" is Cherokee for "place with little snow and lots of sharp rocks and gambling." Because that is what I saw. Beautiful scenery but no snow. Heavenly Resort was about 70% open with very few black diamonds and Kirkwood was 100% open with black diamonds that rocked my bases like Amadeus. I got a little teary looking down on Lake Tahoe from the top of Heavenly as it resembled Turnagain Arm. Sigh...