Monday, May 25, 2009


I taped up the windows and started painting last week.  The weather has been 75F in the middle of the day all week and the bugs aren't bad so it has been good going.  But painting is not much fun.
I think the cabin looks a lot more balanced now with the addition and the added color.  A deck would be nice on the front but that will have to wait until the money tree gets watered again.Now dirt work is fun times.  Especially with heavy equipment.  I finally got some good 2 inch rock on top of the driveway and it cleaned things up a lot.
And it spreads like butta.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hot Town, Summer in the City

Fairbanks got all nice and interior hot last week with temperatures jumping into the 80's around the cabin.  I took the opportunity to start painting the addition.  The whole cabin is getting a new coat of paint and fresh color so hopefully the weather stays nice.  It's only about 40F and gray today.

I enjoyed about 5 minutes of no mosquitos and then the little bastards showed up.  This time of year they are big and slow though so not a real hazard.