Monday, March 03, 2008

Ice, ice baby

Ang and I hit Squaw Valley on Saturday and had a glorious day in the sunshine.  There was a bit of wind but it was warm and neither one of us got badly hurt so I consider the outing a success.  The mountain was nothing but base and ice that softened a little as the day wore on but was difficult for the wee snowboarding one.  It was fun to watch people yardsale on the black diamond runs with nothing to stop them or their gear.  No yardsales for us though, just chilidogs and tuna sandwiches at the mid mountain eatery that had a very strange fast food look and was run entirely by Chileans.  I guess they don't mind working at 6500 feet.  Then we dined in Sacramento Saturday and caught up with the rellies a bit.  Good times.

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