Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brooks Range Drifting

Well I'm back in Alaska and off to the frozen North, Brooks Range that is. I spent the last 2 weeks putting in a trail and now I'm off to enjoy it. It feels good to be back in AK even though it's -35F at the cabin this morning. Yesterday I was driving down the Dalton Highway after picking up my trailer which had blown both tires and had to be left behind until I could get more tires (long story). Anyway, I see a hitchhiker in the middle of nowhere holding 2 black trash bags with a cat on his head. So I picked him up. The cat on his head turned out to be a lynx, and it was dead, and the guy threw his trash bags in the back of my truck and introduced himself as Jeremy and off we went. Turns out he traps on the Yukon River, just north of the bridge. So I was happy to prove that just because one may look like a psychotic killer on the edge of the highway in the middle of nowhere, one might just be an Alaskan trapper who needs a ride. Of course I never did see what was inside the trash bags...

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