Thursday, May 06, 2010

Clean Coal Propaganda in Fairbanks

It's just about summer here in the Interior and daytime temps are pushing the 60F mark which feels nice. It means I've been outside cutting trees and finishing stuff on the cabin that ice and snow and below zero temps don't allow. While I work I often wear ear protection with a built in radio. This is not always good. You see the radio in my truck died about 5 years ago so I hardly ever listen to the radio and when I'm at home I rock Pandora or my iTunes. So I've been listening to Fairbanks radio and all their damn commercials. One of the ones that caught my attention is a Clean Coal commercial. I haven't paid enough attention to know who is putting it out (probably the the non-verbal retards at GVEA) but it starts off saying, "Remember when you could use energy in your house and not worry about the cost? Well times are changing and we need an affordable alternative."


Energy has NEVER been cheap in Alaska. It has been cheaper, but never cheap. If you heat with electricity in the Interior you spend great wheelbarrows of cash. It has always been that way.

So why does Clean Coal make this crap up? Because there is no solution in Clean Coal and there is no such thing as Clean Coal. I would like to build a row of coal firing slingshots and place it in an alley and if people think Clean Coal is the answer they would have to walk down that alley while I fired coal chunks at them.

Good day.

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