Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Movin' on Up

After much debate, insane city driving, $100 in parking tickets and $60 in car rental fees Angela and I have decided on the Edwardian Mansion. Stunning view, immaculate kitchen, and a butler named Fetid who makes a mean espresso as he irons my socks in the mornings.
Incidentally, Edwardian is a time period, not a style, so don't make the foolish mistake I did and complement someone on their Edwardian good looks. You will actually be telling them they were built from 1901-1910 When King Edward VII ruled a whole bunch of white people.
I believe ours was built in 1907 on solid rock so the earthquakes don't touch it. The only drawback is street parking but I have a clever plan to outfit my truck to look like a Power & Gas maintanence vehicle and who would dare tow or ticket such a craft?
Incidentally this is not the actual building, ours is far more grand, but due to technical difficulties in a parallel universe a true and representative image will have to wait.

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