Thursday, September 21, 2006

Seperation Anxiety

Here is our first post on day 9 of leaving Alaska. We are currently in San Diego getting sunburnt, sandy and bloated on cheap, delicious burritos the size of a 3 year old boy. We rented a car to get around the city and have been repeatedly warned about the insane traffic. So far we haven't found it but we avoid rush hour and stick to the beach roads so I haven't had to shoot at anyone yet.

Our rental car is impossibly non-descript but luckily it comes with keyless entry remote which I can press to make the car honk and blink from a distance- truly amazing technology- and that is how we find the car each time. So far we have been to Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Carlsbad, Mission Beach and Oceanside. Mission Beach had a place called the Wave House which was a bar with a huge wave machine at the end so you could drink beer and watch people surf an endless wave 20 feet in front of you. A very cool concept that kept us mezmerized for hours.

More pictures and postings to come...Enjoy


vernonPwarrell said...
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vernonPwarrell said...

You must dine at this restaurant...

I liked it very much because I like meat! Everything else was nice too but the meat was fun, you'll see what I mean if you go there. And if you happen to leave your credit card after paying they are quite nice about keeping it safe until you return.

The Gaslamp district is fun to tour around as well so I suggest strolling for a few hours. ENJOY!

Glad to hear both of you are well.

Party Dude said...

My brother Matt just leased a two bedroom in Oceanside at some complex on Stonypoint rd. a couple miles from the ocean. Although he is paying something crazy like 1300.- month he said it is clean and well built. Plus a pool, weight room (important to P. Dude), sauna, hot tub, etc. He said he found cheaper places near the beach, but they were shit, and wanted crazy damage deposits for the dog, and long term commitments. He'll be moving in in a week. HE said to give him a call if you're in the area (612) 750-2607.