Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bears and Bison

All is well, I'm in Fort Nelson now, this is how far I got today.

I started off just outside of Whitehorse after spending the night on top of the truck on a piece of plywood. It wasn't too comfortable so I only slept from about 12-3 am, then drove for a bit, then parked again and fell asleep in the cab until 8am. The problem with doing that is whenever I woke up I thought I had drifted off while driving and I would grab the wheel and start screaming at Mazzy to Hold On! She was not impressed. Then I would calm down, fall back asleep and do it all over again.

I hit Liard Hotsprings around 4pm and had the place all to myself. The hot water definitely helped my encroaching case of "truckers butt" where everything seems to settle and compact as the day wears on. I also have "truckers spine", "truckers elbow" and soon, "truckers gut."

Then I had dinner on the edge of Muncho Lake which was nice in a "Shining" sort of way. Then I drove on to Fort Nelson, which I was told was only 2 hours from the hot springs but it was more like 4. I also encountered scads of Bison, 4 moose, and at least 30 deer. Luckily I have bright fog lights so I saw all the critters well in advance. At 9 pm a grizzly darted out in front of me and ran for the trees. All I need now is a caribou and some Dall Sheep and I'll have the grand slam.

I'm in some little Motor Inn now with Mazzy sleeping happily at my feet. The temperature has dropped outside to about 30F so I brought Baptiste in and added water to the tank. I don't know if it was the Canadian water or the past 2 days of living a white water adventure but he doesn't look too good, unless he's practicing some new sideways float particular to Angel Fish. I'll know more in the morning. I dropped some Alka Selzer in the tank and left out some Pepto, maybe he just doesn't like 2 star accomodations. I'm hoping for the best...

Must sleep now and hope tomorrow goes as well as today,


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