Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Running Down a Dream

Apparently people in California and other parts of the nation like to run in massive hoards. This was news to me until last weekend when Angela and myself and our buddy Matt undertook the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon (13.1 miles). It was actually pretty damn fun running through the streets of SJ with 11,800 new friends. Our goal was to reach the finish line in under 2 hours and we did it so now my life is once again pointless. But there is another half marathon next month in Big Sur... is this how the addiction starts???


Mama Meeshell said...

You got the fever! Start looking at 100 milers. Think of the fun!

Steve said...

That makes me tired just looking at it. I'll have to be in great shape vicariously through you guys. Hope you're doing well!

Mama Meeshell said...

I keep coming back to this post just to see Angela's legs!