Thursday, February 26, 2009

Now I Wanna be Your Dog

I apologize for a massive drought in postings, blame it on the darkness, roadtrips, laziness, whatever.  I'm just in on off the 2009 Yukon Quest so enjoy the pics, more soon...
Brent Sass prepares to drop off Eagle Summit.  Pucker factor:  High
Brent Sass pulls William Kleedehn's team up to the top of Eagle Summit.  I lay on the frozen grass for 2 hours waiting to see something, anything, and was well rewarded.  Thank you camera gods.
Warren Palfry's wheel dog Gumby makes the finish line look damn satisfying.
Palfry's son Jesse, 9, the youngest musher to cross the Yukon Quest finish line.  Look for him on the trail again in 10 years...

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