Saturday, March 07, 2009

Suga suga how'd you get so fly?

It was an epic week of sturm and drang and now the driveway is piled high with snow on either side.  Me likey.  Yesterday I report that nearly a foot of snow fell, a daily dump amount that Fairbanks hasn't seen for decades.  If this is global warming I say thank you Al Gore, you make some mighty fine ski trails laddy.  The snow was followed by gusty winds which blew everything off the trees and drifted over the roads and made snowmachining on my Tundra a bit painful on the facial region.  The lack of windshield lends to the affect.  But it's gorgeous today, about zero, crackling blue sky and I plan on more skiing and snowmachining.
In other news, the Arctic Entry way is completely dried in and has the first layer of insulation in the walls.  I'm going for about R40 in the walls and R65 in the ceiling to try to keep the heating bills down.  GVEA just took away my arch nemesis, the Fuel Surcharge, and my electric bill instantly dropped from $98 to $54.  Hooray for cheap petrol!  Un-hooray for GVEA though, they are going ahead with "Clean" Coal investments in Healy.  I weep for the future.

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Nama Myos said...

I guess that bullet line is going to just have to pass your place right by.