Monday, March 09, 2009

This weekend was full of good old fashioned Fairbanks fun as Rachy came up from Anchorage, a snow storm left the area full of powdery goodness and hijinx ensued.
Here's me getting the lead out of my iron dog.  Still haven't decided if I really need a windsheild, me loves a good set of frozen snotcicles.

Redpolls, so sweet and innocent looking, hard to believe they eat their weight in thistle seed 3 times a day.
Rachael is still riding the Polaris 500 she bought 1992 and as you can see there's still some juice left although my Tundra has barely half the horsepower and rallied on the powder a bit more handily.  What can I say, Ski Doo sets the standard...
Then we went and snowshoed the Moose Mountain acreage.  3pm sun lit up the valley nicely and we were sufficiently wooped after breaking trail to the top.  Can't wait to unleash the chainsaw and open the place up.  I just need to find my goalie mask and white trenchcoat...

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