Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bank of America - Worse than a pack of wolves

I'm hopping mad. I just paid my VISA card online for the first time in 6 months. Used to be I could go online and click "Pay this Card" and that was it. But for 6 months it has said "Bill pay temporarily unavailable." 6 months is not temporary you suns a bridges.

I finally called customer service for a WTF chat. Turns out you now have to click the "Customer Service" button, then go to "Transfer from another account" then type in your bank routing and account numbers. Then throw your cell phone across the room. Then type in whatever you want to pay for that month. You will not be prompted to payoff your bill in full.

I imagine this is netting the Bungholes of America massive late fee charges and missed payments.

I hope your outhouse tips over door down you shitcicle eating puta madres.

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Anonymous said...

Did you hear on the news about the guy who got a credit card offer from some bank in South Dakota? The interest rate was 79.9%!!! He called the bank to see if it was a typo. Nope, it was the real deal and my, what a deal it is!