Monday, October 19, 2009


Well the last 3 days of zero degree mornings finally froze Ballaine Lake and so I hit it with the skates and my dog yesterday and it was glorious. Perfectly smooth, except where the dern kids had thrown rocks on it, the ice was clear and hard and the sun felt great. After about half an hour Mazzy decided it was safe and ventured out for a bit.

On Saturday we finished the craptacular Bailey's Warehouse on South Cushman. Years from now I imagine myself saying, "You see that big non-descript steel warehouse? No that one, no, no that one. Yes! that's the one, well I helped build that and no, there wasn't that much raven crap there when we finished and the meth lab wasn't there either. But it was good times, now pass the Soylent Green..."
It's 140 feet long and 70 feet wide and 28 feet tall and we did it in less than 5 weeks. We ARE the champions, my friend....

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun...not the building, the skating! But, the building looks good, too.