Sunday, November 14, 2010

Allstate done me wrong

This week in the world of me I am launching an "expose the bad guys" campaign against Allstate for insurance shenanigans.  I try not to call shenanigans unless it's truly necessary, and alas, in this case it is.  Read my rant for the whole story here.
I also played some rec hockey this week for the first time in a very long time.  When I went to get my hockey bag two hornets nests and about a pound of squirrel food fell out of my neglected gear.  It seemed to smell a little less terrible though and my skates sharpened up just fine.  The aforementioned squirrels had eaten the blade off my stick and destroyed my laces so I had to purchase some new gear but that led me to Sport King.
Sport King is a tiny shack of a store hidden behind Safeway near the Klondike Hotel.  It is owned by Roger McKinnon and has been there for as long as I can remember.  It is the last of the traditional owner operated sports stores in Fairbanks.  I would drive across town in a blizzard to patronize this store because Roger has done so much for the Fairbanks hockey community.  These days every time I pull up here I fear the dreaded "Out of Business" sign, and yet, despite Walmart and Sports Authority and legions of discount crap, Roger soldiers on.

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Miz Liz said...

That's Terrible and Wrong!!
I live in Florida and that's what StateFarm did to us. Our Gov. told StateFarm if they can't insure everything homes/cars/etc. then they can pull out and leave!
They dropped out home ins. but not the cars, but we left them totally!
Can't trust them!