Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stolen Truck Alert

This blog is about Fairbanks and my view of Fairbanks so I have no choice but to re-post this from the list of Craig:

Sat. Nov. 20th at approx 9-9:30 pm my 04 Dodge Ram lic # XCUZME was stolen from Lathrop st. I'm offering a $500 rerward for truck or contents. Truck had storage drive with photos of deseased loved one on it. If you have any info please call Christie at 322-1396 or if you see my truck please call
Fairbanks Police Department at 450-6500.


And to whoever stole this truck I know the Karma Fairy is coming at you like a sniper round.  Stealing photos of the deceased or diseased is pure evil.

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