Sunday, December 28, 2008

Get up dogs, you ain't tired.

It's -35F at the cabin this morning in Fairbanks, Alaska which is just about the right temperature for the holidays.  We have had a great time with the family over the Christmas week and I've enjoyed adventuring with my nephew.  
We built a massive snow fort outside Grammy's house.

Bonfire party at Sam and Jillian's Christmas Eve.

Then Jillian and I took the dogs out for a run before she took off for the Gin Gin 200.  I put Max in the sled with 9 dogs out front.  He was wrapped in good gear and a sleeping bag and the only complaint was "I can't see!" when he slipped down into the foot of the sled.  About 6 miles out he fell asleep and slept the whole way home.  When we pulled into the yard I scooped him out and put him in the snowbank while we put the dogs away.  This picture shows him in his wad of sleeping bag next to the sled.  It was about -5F at the time.  When he woke up he said, "What am I doing here?"  I'm sure barking dogs and a snowbank are a bit different from most of his nap surroundings.
Now I just hope Jillian makes it back from the race ok- the weatherman actually said it's cold enough to freeze warts today.  

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