Monday, December 01, 2008

My Baby is American Made

Angela is the proud parent of a new snowmachine today and we are both very excited.  Weighing in around 360 pounds, she's good looking and appears to be fit and healthy.  It was a bit of Craigslist luck and perfect timing and coordination with Rachael in Anchorage but we now have a 2000 model with reverse.  So sweet.


Subarctic Sam said...

Sweet deal! I saw an 86 Tundra in the Sunday News-Miner. Excellent condition $1500. Did the 86 have reverse?
If money were no problem, a purchase from Northern Sled Works (I like the CrossFox), an Arctic Oven form AK Tent and Tarp, a Mr. Buddy heater from Sentry and off we go into the winter wonderland.

Johnny G said...

'86 did not have reverse, I think 2000 was the first year for the electronic reverse. There was a 2004 for $3600 recently, but that's a lot of dog food.

Santa better get to work if he's going to take care of you this year. Sweet dreams...