Sunday, April 20, 2008

Me and Lou Seal (the SF Giants mascot)

Me, Lou Seal and Angela- keeping the crowd on their feet..
I caught a homerun!! (with some help from Photoshop)

Overlooking 3rd base.

Way up top.

Timmy was tall enough to ride the Guzzler, I really shouldn't comment on that...

Angela could have used a little more sunblock and a few less pins, the extra innings were tough on her...

Angela and I finally took in a Giants game, vs St. Louis Cardinals, my first baseball game, ever.  Of course the Giants lost (in extra innings) we drank some overpriced ballpark beer and ate some killer garlic fries.  The Giants stadium doesn't have a bad seat and since it wasn't a sellout game we sat somewhere different every 20 minutes or so.  It was sweet.  We watched a couple home runs go into the crowd and one into the bay.


Mama Meeshell said...

Great way to spend 4/20!

Chickadee said...

Is Timmy scratching himself?