Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In beneath the cover of another perfect wonder

It's dumping mad snow here this morning and ba da bop bee da,  I'm lovin' it.
I've got Pandora set to Christmas tunes, the cabin is cozy, and I'm about to start building some furniture.  Before I do, the week in review:

I saw these in Walmart the other day; slippers you clean the floor with.  Pretty good idea but not as good as my Dog Booties You Clean the Floor With™.

Since Angela and I don't step in enough dog poop on a regular basis we went and helped launch Jillian's team the other day.  Definitely got the winter trail blood flowing as we watched 20 dogs rocket Jillian and Sam out of their yard.  Yeeeehawww!
Then I went to my buddy Greg's and helped him move some material for a tear drop trailer he's building.  It's going to be sweet and I secretly hope he decides he needs a bigger one when he's done and he sells this one to me at cost.  Dare to dream.  Its a gorgeous little thing, 4 feet wide and 4 feet tall and will be sheeted in aluminum with a pop-up kitchen on the back.
And finally, the new skating pond.  It is a gem that Jillian pointed out to me and then Andrew and I tested last night (with shovels and some AK IPA of course).  The ice is a bit rough but there are no holes and we'll pump some water over the top when it stops snowing and the temps drop again.  The plan is for Tuesday night Blades of Fury- Fairbanks style.  That means beer, bonfires, dogs, skates, sticks and maybe even a net or two if we can motivate sufficiently.

Sweet, sweet winter.

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