Monday, October 13, 2008

There's Something in the Way She Moves

Fairbanks is increasingly Fairbanks-looking in the last few days and by this I mean lots of fluffy, dry, sparkling snow, cars in the ditch and trolls at the transfer station.  Gotta luvit.  I believe the transitioning days of rain are done and the snow we have now is here to stay.  I sure hope so any way.Here's a quick cell pic I took as we rocketed past the Igloo on the way back to Fairbanks.  Igloo is a surprisingly welcome sight because it means you're halfway home, of course the fact that you're ONLY halfway is sometimes alarming.  But in this image, with fresh snow, the Igloo looks charming and if there was a dog team out front I think there's a hell of a stock image to be made here.  I've never actually been inside...
Here's Mazzy admiring a heavy snowfall from the protection of the pickup.
Self portrait with thermometer and snowflakes.
Angela poked her head out and saw her shadow which means we will have 6 more months of winter...
Self portrait with router.  The stairs are almost completely trimmed in and I have almost completely lost my mind.  Coincidence?  I think not, now if I can just upload Pandora to my ear protection I will reach enlightenment and can finally listen to Neil Diamond AND the table saw at the same time.  

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